• Its been a few days since my first appointment with Dr.Ryan and i am blown away with the results with just one visit! There has been a huge improvement and cant wait for my next appointment to feel that much better! 10/10 would recommend Dr. Ryan at Lakeshore Chiropractic! 😊
    Erin S.
  • GREAT experience. Very thorough, very helpful. The whole office was a joy to be in. Extremely welcoming, helpful and surprisingly fun. He was super gentle and eased me into chiropractic care and I can’t wait to continue to get better!
    Stephanie H.
  • The office is state of the art and beautiful. The care is gentle enough for the whole family, rest assured you will be well informed throughout the process with affordable care along the way. Highly recommended!!
    Nicholas E.
  • I’ve been going to Dr. Ryan for about a month now, and it’s been great! My back pain has completely diminished since I started going. Everyone is very nice and easy to talk to. I definitely would recommend this place to anyone!
    Caitlin O.
  • Excellent chiropractor! I have been going to see Dr. Ryan for about 3 weeks now and I feel great! He is knowledgeable about what procedure is needed to help me get out of pain and stay out of pain. They are very professional and the office is very clean; it is a pleasant office environment.
    Cheryl N.
  • Very professional and friendly. Dr. Ryan is awesome. I’d go again just for the roller table!! Immediately felt better after the first visit. Definitely recommend them.
    Charles R.
  • I was in Sarasota on vacation and tweaked my back. Not being from the area, I had no idea what Chiropractor to visit. I checked Google reviews and found Lakeshore Chiropractic. I called and made an appointment for that afternoon. A few minutes later, I received a text to confirm my appointment, along with a link to fill out a new patient questionnaire. Here is a summary of my visit: I have been to a few different Chiropractors over the years, and found Lakeshore Chiropractic to be top notch. Their office was very welcoming, had a very nice smell from their oil diffuser, and they immediately got me on the rolling massage table upon my arrival. After the rolling massage, I was greeted by Dr. Ryan who brought me to his office to ask me what pain I was experiencing. He talked through my symptoms, then had my back x-rayed. I’ve never seen an X-ray of my spine before, and it was pretty amazing. Dr. Ryan showed me several important details of the image, which further helped to explain why my back was hurting. From there, Dr. Ryan did a combination of massages, stretching, and adjustments on my back. My back felt much better when he was done. I actually made another appointment to go see him again before we leave town. He was awesome. If I lived nearby, I would definitely try to visit him on a regular basis to keep my back well maintained and to prevent further issues down the road.
    Trevis W.
  • I have been looking for a new chiropractor, making many calls and I was first impressed by the receptionist she was very friendly and helpfulness when on the phone, and when in office she was so nice. I was extremely impressed by the top of the line equipment they have and the great affordable pricing for I like to take my whole family to the chiropractor and this makes it affordable for me to do so. Now for Dr. Ryan he was very friendly, very knowledgeable made my children and I feel very comfortable and the adjustments were the best I’ve ever had, and the best experience going to a chiropractor. I am so pleased I have found such a wonderful chiropractor without overly priced fees and charges. I highly recommend Lakeshore Chiropractic.
  • Dr Ryan and his staff are amazing! The receptionist is super friendly and personable. The office is clean and comfortable. Dr Ryan takes his time and explains everything he’s doing and does it in a way that is easy to understand. I’ve been to other Chiropractors in the past that just seem like they’re trying to sell you something, but here they listen to you and treat your problem. I wish I had discovered this office sooner!
    Julie E.
  • My experience at Lakeshore Chiropractic was great. The women at the front desk was super nice and friendly. She also occasionally made sure we were comfortable. Dr. Ryan (our chiropractor) was so good at explaining things as he was adjusting you and/or your family. I think i learned more there than in my high school science class. I love how me and my family can go in to get adjusted together and actually see whats happening. He takes his time and listens to your needs.
    Sierra S.
  • Dr. Ryan was is very good at what he does. He is very knowledgeable in his practice and makes sure you know what he is doing before, during and after each process. He walks you through everything and let’s you see what he is talking about and not just talking at you. He wasn’t great with my sons also. Very gentle with them and letting them in on the process also. His whole practice is amazing and I will 100% be returning soon.
    Ardena K.
  • Just finished my first ever general wellness. Adjustment and I’ll tell you this Ryan found things to pop that I didn’t know could pop! If you want a great experience with professionalism and and guy that makes you feel comfortable on the table. Go see him, you won’t regret it.
    Mystery U.
  • My entire visit was excellent! The receptionist is very nice and efficient. Dr Ryan is very knowledgeable, understanding, patient, and spends a lot of time explaining what needs to be done and what he is doing during treatment. He cares about the whole person. I highly recommend him!
  • I went in for the first time earlier this week and after my first session I had much more mobility in my neck. The staff is amazing to work with and the office is a relaxing atmosphere. To anyone who is looking for a great chiropractic office with is the one!
    Andreas H.
  • Dr Ryan is amazing. I pulled my back Tuesday morning working out and called at 9am. They fit me in that morning! Dr Ryan is very professional with great bed side manner. He took Xrays and we discussed the issues. He is not a pushy sales doctor. Was straight up and honest. I feel very welcome in this office. He’s very versed in different styles of adjusting manually and with instruments. I feel like my treatment was specific to my issues and he does not treat/adjust all patients the same. Don’t hesitate in making your first appointment here!
    Amanda H.
  • I am currently seeing Dr. Ryan for some shoulder and hand issues… Dr. Ryan listened carefully, has been thorough in diagnosing an explaining what the issue is, and coming up with a plan for treatment; the receptionist is kind, the facility is clean, and everything runs like clockwork. I’m really glad to have found Lakeshore Chiropractic; I would definitely recommend giving Lakeshore Chiropractic a chance to treat/ care for your Chiropractic needs.
    Allen P.
  • HIGHLY RECOMMEND In just 4 weeks my strength and flexibility is dramatically improved and hip pain is gone. The approach is whole body health and balance. The office is comfortable and inviting and the equipment is top of the line. Very modern and clean. The doctor’s assistant is very friendly, professional and helpful. She brings a smile to my face the moment I walk through the door. Thank you for being a part of my health care team!!
    Shannan M.
  • First,the office smells great. The girl at the desk is so nice, you feel welcomed like they’ve known you forever.Dr. Ryan is great, he explained everything to me. Which was nice because I had no idea what to expect and it made me feel comfortable and in my first visit my back was very relieved.
    Ana S.
  • When I first walked into the office, I not only felt very welcomed by the receptionist, but also by the cleanliness/newness of the office. While I waited for my appointment, they put me on a very soothing back rolling table. They were ready in the room as soon as it finished. Dr. Ryan is very knowledgeable and always made sure to explain what he was doing before everything he performed. The office has many new tools and gadgets to give you the best chiropractic experience they can, along with the fastest/most efficient recovery possible.
    Parker W.
  • HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Great experience! Ryan is one of the most knowledgeable chiropractors that I have ever been to. I love that he explains everything before doing it and why he is doing it! He has helped me tremendously and keeps thinking of more ways to allow me to be as active as I am. As an athlete I am very particular who I go to see because I want to make sure I am getting results that will allow me to train at the highest level possible.
    Ashley G.